Green Pizza is us

Green Pizza is us

From the first store inaugurated in 2003 we have opened eleven spaces thanks to the tireless search for new types of flours, which combine with high quality raw materials. The care for a Green supply chain, at the basis of our project, guarantees a real journey into highly digestible flavors every day. The constant attention to customer needs and the improvement of gluten free doughs and low carb protein doughs allow us to satisfy every type of palate and eating habits without ever losing the taste.
Out philosophy

Authenticity of flavors, perfect digestibility and exaltation of taste thanks to thebalance between the the raw materials..

Sono questi i concetti chiave della our philosophy,which since the beginning have pushed us to seek the perfect mix between doughts designed for every need, the ingredients selected with dedication and profound respect for the environment..for a return of simple but enhanced taste in tutte le sue componenti.

Perchè been Green for us is not just a trend but a a real attitude which guides every type of choice and action, thus optimizing the food experience with a real sustainability perspective sostenibilità.

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The Team

The Team

E’ dall’unione delle nostre passioni, gli doughts e le farine per Giuseppe e l‘esperienza per i progetti sostenibili di Giampaolo, che il marchio Green Pizza nasce e giunge ai giorni nostri.



giampaolo e giuseppe

Opening a Green point means sharing and feeling part of a vision.

Da vent’anni offriamo un pacchetto completo con un dettagliato programma di affiliazione che consente di coprire tutti gli aspetti, dal set up alla formazione continua nel tempo, al fine di mantenere sempre aggiornati il personale, il menù e il proprio punto Green.